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Protein Digestibility Project

The Protein Digestibility Data Project serves as a dedicated repository for protein digestibility information, addressing a critical gap in accessible data. Recognizing this need through discussions at The International Symposium: Dietary Protein for Human Health and the FAO's call for a single source of digestibility information, our objective is to establish a centralized resource to support research and education. Leveraging our nonprofit status committed to advancing nutrition science through data, The Nutrient Institute aims to play a supportive role in leading this effort. The forthcoming open-access database, designed in alignment with FAIR principles and utilizing an ontology, will provide a structured and easily searchable repository tailored for protein scientists and beyond. It will be a comprehensive source encompassing digestibility values, metadata, and spanning all food types and analytical methodologies. Designed to be a valuable resource for a wide range of expertise, it aims to foster inclusivity by consolidating much-needed digestibility data in one place. The ultimate goal is to encourage collaboration and propel science forward through a unified language.

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