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Establishing a Common Nutritional Vocabulary - From Food Production to Diet


Liliana Andrés-Hernández

Kai Blumberg

Ramona L. Walls

Damion Dooley

Ramil Mauleon

Matthew Lange

Magalie Weber

Lauren Chan

Adnan Malik

Anders Møller

Jayne Ireland

Lucia Segovia

Xuhuiqun Zhang

Britt Burton-Freeman

Paul Magelli

Andrew Schriever

Shavawn M. Forester

Lei Liu

Graham J. King


Informed policy and decision-making for food systems, nutritional security, and global health would benefit from standardization and comparison of food composition data, spanning production to consumption. To address this challenge, we present a formal controlled vocabulary of terms, definitions, and relationships within the Compositional Dietary Nutrition Ontology (CDNO, that enables description of nutritional attributes for material entities contributing to the human diet. We demonstrate how ongoing community development of CDNO classes can harmonize trans-disciplinary approaches for describing nutritional components from food production to diet.

Publication date

21 June 2022


Frontiers in Nutrition

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